Stock Up on Lanyards for that Next Business Conference

There are many reasons to attend a conference or to host one. They include showcasing capability, new product lines or just getting visibility for the business. Rewarding employees for their hard work and contributions by sending them to a conference in another city or even across town can boost morale and productivity. Networking, discovering new sources for products and making new connections are all good reasons for attending a conference.

For a conference to be worthwhile though, something tangible needs to happen as a result of attending. Leaving a business to run itself, or to operate without top managers or employees should always be offset by gaining some benefit. For some, passing out business cards or mementos embossed with the business name and website with hope that results will follow is sufficient. For others, unless increased revenue or cost savings can be directly attributed, fewer conferences will be on the corporate calendar.

Whatever the reason, preparing and manning a booth at a trade or business conference necessarily consumes resources, both in terms of personnel hours and in preparation and purchase of conference supplies. Not only does a booth represent the business and thus have to be attractive and informative, there must be a message other than simply the business name and product line. Optimally visitors will carry away a good impression of the business as well as a commitment for further dialogue.

Possibly the best way to keep a business name, phone number and website fresh in a potential customer’s or vendor’s mind is to give them a lanyard with the information sewn into it. Lanyards have become a very popular item at conventions, conferences and other business events. They have taken the place of stick-on or pin-on name tags, come in an infinite number of colors and designs and act as a visual reminder of a business’s name, location and contact information.

Business cards tend to end up in desk drawers, an old-fashioned Rolodex or get lost in the daily shuffle. Pens, paperweights and key chains often share the same fate. A lanyard, even if one of several or many in an office tends to remain out in the open, draped over a piece of furniture and visible all the time. The more eye-catching and colorful the better, and the more often the number stitched on the lanyard will be called. They are the ultimate conference giveaway item.